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Non-surgical Neck Lift

Non-surgical neck lift options

There are a couple of reasons why neck skin sags as we age: the breakdown of collagen and elastin, thinning skin and muscle and weight loss are factors too. Here are some aesthetic trends that have taken off in recent years that actually give results.


Ultherapy, a non-invasive treatment, goes deeper to stimulate production of your body’s own collagen and elastin, for natural-looking results without surgery or downtime.

PDO Threads

Your first thought when hearing “PDO Threads” may be “the incisionless mini-facelift.” Used for your face, neck, and jawline, the thread facelift is a spectacularly good procedure. The absorbable polydioxanone threads and medical sutures use the same material.

Think beyond your face! Threads can effectively tighten loose and sagging skin on practically any part of your body! The procedure implants the fine suture into the subcutaneous layer of your skin using a small, preloaded needle. As a result, anchored within your tissue, it tightens your sagging skin. A natural response encourages controlled healing under the skin and induces collagen production.


Botox treatment is a series of cosmetic injections that stop nerve signals to the muscles that cause wrinkles. This keeps the muscle from contracting, but the muscle recovers after several months. Therefore, when you get Botox for wrinkles between your eyebrows, you need to get more treatments every three or four months.

PRP and Microneedling

We consider CosmoPen microneedling collagen therapy an alternative to fractional laser, IPL, and chemical peels. It offers the same results as a fractional laser without the pain, downtime, expense, and thermal damage. You may see some improvement immediately. But you’ll see more significant results after two to three treatments spaced one to two weeks apart. Collagen production takes place over time. So your skin will continue to improve over the next six to twelve months with a proper skincare regimen.

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