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Registration is Open for AcuTalks!

The ASM has put together 3 Upcoming CEU events.
Each of these events offers cutting-edge and practical information, connection with your peers, plus CEUs!

ASM June AcuTalk
Wednesday June 19, 2024
12:30-2:30pm via Zoom

TOPIC: Su Wen Herbs (SWH) Pharmacology, Dosage and Herb Safety
With Dr. Anthony Booker

This educational lecture for both students and practitioners. The lecture will cover: an introduction to the pharmacokinetics of drugs and how drugs and herbal compounds, are absorbed, metabolized and excreted; the differences between herbal formulas and drugs; the issue of safety of Chinese herbs, and interactions between Chinese herbs and Western drugs; guidelines for the safe use of standardised herbal formulas.

Sponsored by Su Wen Herbs

2 CEUs (Herb) for the 2 hours for licensed acupuncturists

ASM July AcuTalk
Tuesday July 16, 2024
7:30-8:30pm via Zoom

TOPIC: Acupuncture Primer Effective and Proper Documentation including ICD11 Traditional Medicine Codes
With Brandon Hoffman and Sam Collins
Sponsored by the American Acupuncture Council (AAC)

1 CEU (Ethic) for the 1 hour for licensed acupuncturists


ASM 2024 Annual Meeting
Sunday September 15, 2024  8:15am-6pm
Reuben Hoar Library, Littleton MA

Key Highlights Include:

  • Dr. Joseph Audette – Keynote Speaker – Harvard Medical School, Assistant Professor (part-time) – Discussing 1) Fascial Node Trigger Point Needling: An Acupuncture Tensegrity Needling© Approach and  2) Chronic Pain and Neuroplasticity: Can Acupuncture Rewire the Brain?
  • Brandon Hoffman and Sam Collins – American Acupuncture Council (AAC): Discussing Global Insights to Local Practice: Upcoming developments, refining documentation, billing & coding updates, and the latest Acupuncture malpractice trends
  • Dr. Thomas Kouo – Su Wen Herbs: Discussing The Psyche in Chinese Medicine: Mental wellness care through understanding Shen

  • The ASM Annual Membership Meeting with news and updates from the ASM Board of Directors (Active ASM members can register for just this part of the day for FREE)

8 CEUs for the full day (4 Acu, 3 Ethic & Safety, 1 other)

Registrations will be opening soon-watch for more news!

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